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Change Log for RavenNuke 2.50.00

RavenNuke(tm) v2.50.00 - Change Log

2011-12-24 v2.50.00 - Major Release for RavenNuke(tm)

0001795: [Addons Content Plus] Content Plus misc compliance errors/warnings in admin interface (jestrella) resolved.
0001906: [Addons HTML Newsletter] Upgrade to version 1.4.0 (Palbin) resolved.
0001815: [Addons Mailer] Migrate to TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1 (Palbin) resolved.
0001931: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] Undefined constant _MAINMODULE (Palbin) resolved.
0001787: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] nukeDH News Category / SubCategory Issues (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001839: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] Hide registered user links from anonymous users in nukeNAV (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001773: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] block-nukeNAV undefined constant _MAINMODULE (Palbin) resolved.
0001772: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] German language encoding problem (Palbin) resolved.
0001713: [Addons nukeSEO/DH] gCalendar database problem, no config table (Palbin) resolved.
0001953: [Addons ShortLinks] Private Message pop-up link not tapped properly when using AutoTapLinks (Palbin) resolved.
0001840: [Addons ShortLinks] Upgrade shortlinks to version 1.3.1 (Palbin) resolved.
0001867: [Admin Functions Nuke] Remove option to set default theme from General Site Preferences (jestrella) resolved.
0001926: [Core (in General)] Update of admin message (fkelly) resolved.
0001846: [Core (in General)] Change db class to use mysqli and prepared statements (Palbin) resolved.
0001850: [Core (in General)] Undefined variable $result when retrieving a rowset with no results (Palbin) resolved.
0001832: [Core (in General)] Problem accessing site locally when IPv6 is enabled (Palbin) resolved.
0001831: [Core (in General)] CSRF token for links does not work with multiple classes (Palbin) resolved.
0000914: [Core admin.php] Modify the ACP to be more consistent between functions / modules in display of the links/icons (KGuske) resolved.
0001961: [Core Blocks] path typo in Project Tracking block (Palbin) resolved.
0001948: [Core Blocks] Active Block Status upon Installation (fkelly) resolved.
0001856: [Core Blocks] User Info block enhancements (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001858: [Core Blocks] Add edit block option to blocks when signed in as admin (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001817: [Core Blocks] Filtering and Escaping block data (fkelly) resolved.
0001826: [Core Blocks] Blocks should use Ordered and Unordered Lists when Listing Content (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001767: [Core Blocks] Add additional block positions (fkelly) resolved.
0001855: [Core Blocks] Improve Multilingual performance of various blocks (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001835: [Core Blocks] Make Forum block completely user permission aware (Palbin) resolved.
0001822: [Core footer.php] Footer content should use CSS layout (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001816: [Core Language] Add Norwegian language files (Palbin) resolved.
0001925: [Core mainfile.php] Undefined offset in is_user function (Palbin) resolved.
0001017: [Core mainfile.php] Remove old and obsolete sql_layer.php and resultant old $dbi code for good (Palbin) resolved.
0001804: [Core mainfile.php] Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in mainfile.php on line 70 (jestrella) resolved.
0001873: [Core Modules] Tags module has double quotes and a malformed url (Nuken) resolved.
0001765: [Core Modules] Convert hard coded module names to a form of dirname(__FILE__) (Palbin) resolved.
0001960: [Core Themes] forum tpl file has incorrect path (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001843: [Core Themes] Add theme manager to administration (Palbin) resolved.
0001880: [Core Themes] IE 8 crashes when using background-image on BODY (Palbin) resolved.
0001853: [Core Themes] Full path disclosure in various theme files (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001854: [Core Themes] Deprecation of Older Themes (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001237: [Core Themes] Incorporate core base CSS for default styling (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001819: [Core Themes] SimplyBlue Cannot use CSS clear inside OpenTable function (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001638: [Core Themes] Add capability to provided themes for theme-specific topic images (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001913: [Cosmetic] Separate spelled wrong in language files in submit news and news/admin (fkelly) resolved.
 0001861: [Cosmetic] Changes to blocks for ul related styles cause formatting issues (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001876: [Enhancement Request] Add admin link to Theme ACP in nukeNAV (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001842: [General] Upgrade all Javascript libraries and plugins to latest version (Palbin) resolved.
0001938: [Installation/Installer] Verbiage in ServerEnvironment check (Palbin) resolved.
0001763: [Installation/Installer] Add mbstring extension to environmentalcheck (Palbin) resolved.
0001887: [Installation/Installer] Installer MySQL error (fkelly) resolved.
0001951: [Installer] Make INSTALLATION/installSQL.php clickable upon fresh install (Palbin) resolved.
0001904: [Module Advertising] Undefined variables in Advertising (fkelly) resolved.
0001783: [Module Advertising] Compliance issue (fkelly) resolved.
0001705: [Module Advertising] Problem with $op in index.php for banner ads (Palbin) resolved.
0001920: [Module Content Plus] Managing waiting content always shows Spanish language (Palbin) resolved.
0001776: [Module Content Plus] SQL issue in cpfunc.php (jestrella) resolved.
0001708: [Module Content Plus] Content Plus Tags cutoff at 255 characters (jestrella) resolved.
0001803: [Module Content Plus] Content Plus compliance issues and warnings reported by vanquish (jestrella) resolved.
0001769: [Module Content Plus] Content Plus Tags Pagination Missing Rewrites Malformed URI (jestrella) resolved.
0001802: [Module Content Plus] When editing content with a language set other than english. English will always appear in the language box (jestrella) resolved.
0001859: [Module Downloads] Upgrade to TegoNuke(tm) Downloads (NSNGD) 1.1.3 (Palbin) resolved.
0001921: [Module Encyclopedia] Compliance issues (Palbin) resolved.
0001789: [Module Encyclopedia] Compliance issues in admin (Palbin) resolved.
0001923: [Module FAQ] Name attribute being used as anchor instead of id (Palbin) resolved.
0001792: [Module FAQ] Compliance issues errors with table tags (Palbin) resolved.
0001764: [Module Forums (Add Ons)] Add sub-forums capability (Palbin) resolved.
0001796: [Module Forums (Add Ons)] modal pop-up does not appear when register_long_array is off (Palbin) resolved.
0001810: [Module Forums (Add Ons)] Attachment Mod "Allowed Extensions and Sizes" link does not open in a pop-up (Palbin) resolved.
0001862: [Module Forums] SQL errors with the auth function (Palbin) resolved.
0001830: [Module Forums] ICQ links in forums are wrong (Palbin) resolved.
0001919: [Module gCalendar] Approved option does not work when submitting events (Palbin) resolved.
0001788: [Module Groups] Undefined variables when sending group email (Palbin) resolved.
0001791: [Module Groups] Allows users to be moved and emails to be sent without selecting a group (Palbin) resolved.
0001924: [Module Members List] Compliance error when no forums listed in jumpbox (Palbin) resolved.
0001798: [Module Members List] In Member List module, link to YA profile and add nofollow tags to links (KGuske) resolved.
0001866: [Module News] Tricked Out News Integration (Nuken) resolved.
0001943: [Module News] News PDF Function Problems with relative URLs and Shortlink Awareness (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001693: [Module News] When creating a new article there is no text box for Notes (Palbin) resolved.
0001823: [Module News] Wysiwyg editor issues in comments and replies (fkelly) resolved.
0001877: [Module News] Admin email address displayed to anonymous users in News (Palbin) resolved.
0001936: [Module nukeFEED] nukeFEED OPML Map Incorrect URL's (KGuske) resolved.
0001901: [Module nukeFEED] Invalid css in nukeFeed (KGuske) resolved.
0001857: [Module nukeFEED] Feed Preview compliance errors in tableless themes (Palbin) resolved.
0001807: [Module Private Messages] Attachment Mod Bar graph always shows zero percent (Palbin) resolved.
0001785: [Module Project Tracking] Compliance issues (Palbin) resolved.
0001710: [Module Project Tracking] Bug reporting access permission anomaly (Palbin) resolved.
0001903: [Module Recommend Us] Produces php warnings when invalid data entered (Palbin) resolved.
0001885: [Module Resend Email] Extract function generates error due to non-existence of http_post_vars (fkelly) resolved.
0001922: [Module Reviews] Compliance issues (Palbin) resolved.
0001918: [Module Reviews] URL Encoding issue when a user submits a review (Palbin) resolved.
0001793: [Module rwsMetAuthors] issue with anonymous users when article had no informant (Palbin) resolved.
0001771: [Module Search] Search comments from News Articles Shortlink Issue (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001782: [Module Search] Undefined variable coolquery (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001912: [Module Submit News] Allowable HTML being listed after wyiswyg text area box in submit news (fkelly) resolved.
0001915: [Module Submit News] Submit news filtering and compliance issues (fkelly) resolved.
0001805: [Module Surveys] Undefined variable PollID in admin (Palbin) resolved.
0001902: [Module Web Links] Entity encoding and major compliance issues (Palbin) resolved.
0001797: [Module Web Links] Notices when no categories exist (Palbin) resolved.
0001884: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Ability to identify / separate users who have been approved but haven't activated themselves (fkelly) resolved.
0001837: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Discrepancies in what is saved in certain fields after user activation (KGuske) resolved.
0001932: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Compliance issues when deleting a custom field (Palbin) resolved.
0001883: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Group expiration not showing correctly when there is no expiration (Palbin) resolved.
0001882: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] PHP warnings on validating email address during registration with java-script off (Palbin) resolved.
0001875: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Error messages during account creation display HTML entities (KGuske) resolved.
0001879: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Error in YA/admin/denyuser.php ... unclosed > in textarea (fkelly) resolved.
0001704: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Problem with inactive user login and with changing email (fkelly) resolved.
0001847: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Your Account Weblinks include Reformat URL (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001827: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Your Account Private Message include checks incorrect directory (SpasticDonkey) resolved.
0001828: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Your Account Last Forum Posts/Topics displays private forums / threads (Palbin) resolved.
0001717: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Problem with inactive user login and with changing email (Palbin) resolved.
0001667: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Use of undefined constant value (Palbin) resolved.
0001808: [Module Your Account (RNYA)] Correct filtering on custom fields (Palbin) resolved.
0001806: [Nuke (All Code)] Make the validateEmailFormat() function the standard for validating emails (Palbin) resolved.
0001916: [NukeSentinel] Refresh IP2C Ranges (Palbin) resolved.
0001664: [NukeSentinel] Efficiencies and proper functioning in get_ip function (Palbin) resolved.
0001833: [NukeSentinel] Code cleanup in Sentinel (Palbin) resolved.
0001779: [NukeSentinel] Undefined variable: perpage Tracked Agents Pages (Palbin) resolved.
0001821: [Other] Remove AddOnFiles and PatchLevel3.3_Docs Folders (Palbin) resolved.
0001813: [RNCore Sentinel] Turn off santy protection (Palbin) resolved.
0001841: [RNCore Sentinel] CSRF issues when updating IP2County in Sentinel (Palbin) resolved.
0001812: [-Specific to OS] Implement a standard function to create language drop-down menus (Palbin) resolved.
0001485: [-Specific to OS] Warning user must have JS enable on registration page (KGuske) resolved.
0001811: [-Specific to OS] Implement a standard approach for module admin authentication (Palbin) resolved.
0001608: [-Specific to OS] Remove of Journal module (jestrella) resolved.
0001636: [-Specific to OS] Fix issue with "Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime()" (Palbin) resolved.
0001628: [-Specific to OS] Defining/assigning $allowableHTML array twice (Palbin) resolved.
0001666: [-Specific to OS] Stop from being added to Protected Ranges in NS (Palbin) resolved.
0001851: [-Specific to SQL Version] Installation fails when using MySQL 5.5 table TYPE syntax (Raven) resolved.
0001870: [Theme] Added RickTido Theme to 2.5 (Nuken) resolved.
0001845: [Theme] Possible name conflict between ravenice and wysiwig editor (jestrella) resolved.
0001863: [Theme] SimplyBlue Theme Menu folder capitalization (Killing-Hours) resolved.
0001814: [Theme] fisubice has a hard coded value for the banner name (Palbin) resolved.
0001849: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] HTML5 Dropped Tags Cleanup (Palbin) resolved.
0001794: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Compliance issues in modules and blocks admin (Palbin) resolved.
0001784: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Compliance issues, errors and warning reported by vanquish (KGuske) resolved.
0001801: [W3C Compliance and Code Clean-Up] Compliance issues reported by vanquish: NukeSentinel (KGuske) resolved.
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