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User Info Block

Inspired by Info Box for RavenNuke by nukecoder and including several popular features from the RavenWebServices User Info Block, the User Info block featured in RavenNuke™ 2.5 offers a multitude of styling and functionality enhancements; including but not limited to:

  • Full "tableless" CSS layout with no inline styling or even a <br />
  • XHTML Transitional and CSS 2.1 Compliant 1
  • Positional Awareness to change layout depending on center or side position
  • CSS sprite powered - only 2-3 images means 90% fewer HTTP requests when compared to using standard icons
  • CSS Image mouseover effects on many of the links
  • Theme specific icon "packs" that load automatically and require no edits to your core CSS files 2,6
  • Full Language support
  • Degrades gracefully with JS disabled 3
  • Colorbox modal popup for new private message (once per session) 6
  • Colorbox modal window for Search and Login 4,6
  • Admin: Added link to waiting users (resend email module) and display of current RN version
  • Admin: Colorbox modal window for IP lookup 5,6
1. With the exception of the use of the CSS3 property word-wrap:break-word
2. This methodology may change in future releases, see below for details
3. When used in the center position, JavaScript is used to balance the layout dynamically. The block may look less desirable with JavaScript disabled, depending on block settings
4. Requires that the nukeNAV and Search modules are active
5. The default third party service has changed to a paid service, see below
6. Optional, can be disabled in block options

Block Options

Block options/settings can be found inside the block file block-User_Info.php. Refer to the block file for details, as most settings are self explanitory. Suffice it to say there are many options to configure to your desired function and appearance

  • Display site details including member totals, recent members, online now, last seen members, and server traffic
  • Simple permissions system allows many sections and details to be shown to everyone, user-only, admin-only, or disabled altogether
  • Separate settings group for the center position


Default styling is declared in ravennuke.css. It is highly recommended that you override the default CSS statements rather than edit ravennuke.css. CSS overrides should be placed in your style.css so that changes do not effect other themes or core functionality.

Center Position

When used in the center position, jQuery Masonry is used to balance the layout dynamically; as no reliable CSS method could be established due to the myriad of block options. Edits to the center position layout are not recommended unless you have a familiarity with both JavaScript and CSS. See jquery.userinfo.js to adjust the jQuery Masonry configuration, which is bound to the window resize event to adjust the layout if the parent container changes size (demo).

CSS Sprites

The default set of CSS sprites feature icons adapted from the Crystal Project and the Tango Desktop Project. An alternate set of icons featuring BitIcons and IconSweets2 is available in this download, which also includes a PSD file to customize your own icons; and quick start instructions for modifying your theme(s).

IP Lookup Service

The default third party service used for admin IP lookups has changed to a paid service. One recommended replacement might be:
$whoisServerString = ''; //admin ip lookup

Future enhancements

This block was originally designed as an after-market addon. The theme detection contained in the block was used so that no edits were required to CSS files; even when running multiple themes. Since this block has been incorporated into the RavenNuke™ distribution this functionality isn't needed as much, so look for it to be removed in a future release. Also look for an admin control panel in a future version, so that edits to the block file will no longer be necessary.