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When I try to access my site I get this message: You are using an Invalid IP to access this site!

This normally happens when running the system on your desktop (localhost/ It is a safety feature to keep people from trying to access your site w/o a valid IP. We have added a setting in the rnconfig.php file named $bypassNukeSentinelInvalidIPCheck and set the default value to FALSE. When running on your local machine (or wherever your test site is) you may need to set the value to TRUE in order to have NukeSentinel™ bypass that check. Please note that this should only be used when testing locally and not in a production environment. Also, please note that older versiona of RavenNuke™ used the config.php file to store that setting so be sure that you only have one instance of $bypassNukeSentinelInvalidIPCheck and that it is only in the rnconfig.php file.