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Development Process

These pages are not meant to be taken by the general public as "end-all" static statements of direction. They are more "guiding principles" and they can and will change over time. We make these available here so the RavenNuke Team has one place to go to for this type of information, when decisions on direction have been made, and we decided to give the "public" a "peek" into what we are trying to accomplish... a "process roadmap" if you will.

You have reached the landing page for the RavenNuke(tm) Team's small library of internal development process type documentation. The intent is not to be an SEI/CMM Level 5 development organization (even question Level 3 in some areas), but to just provide guidance to our development process with the following goals in mind:

  • Help speed the new team member "on-boarding" process.
  • Help improve upon the quality and consistency of what we produce (remember, we're coming from PHP-Nuke and we still have a long ways to go remediate our inherited deficiencies).
  • Help boost team productivity from all project aspects from concept all the way through release and support (yes, "retirement" was specifically left out of that list... lol).

All good? Nothing here is intended to squelch design and coding creativity.

The following will be evolved over time and new ones added:

  • Issue & Change Management - Just a few minor things to help us back-track when needed
  • Coding Standards - As the name implies - we "touch it" we should "fix it", if we "create it" it should be consistent
  • Security Standards - Eventually this will cover some lessons learned over the years on how to secure *nuke

Currently not all of these sections have content, but over time, as things are discussed and decisions are made, these areas will begin to take shape. Links in red text are pages which have yet to be created.