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As new releases of RavenNuke™ become available, detailed Release Notes and the detailed Change Log list will be made available from this page. If issues are found post release and there are known workarounds, these will also be provided as best we can in good faith (i.e., we cannot possibly document everything nor keep up completely on these pages as this is what the support forums are for).

  • Release Notes are more functional/descriptive in nature and will make every attempt to provide enough details about important changes, both functional and technical, that the web site administrator needs to know to help them understand the impacts of upgrading. It is also within these Release Notes that write-ups on additional features will be provided via links to those pages. For example, we implemented CSRF protection with release 2.4.0 and so provided a nice CSRF write-up on what this new feature is and how to administer it if needed.
  • Change Log pages are the raw list of functional enhancements and bug fixes which have been made within the particular release.
  • Known Issues are just that, issues that have been raised post release and for which a known resolution exists. We will attempt to link back to the support forum where the solution exists.

Version Release Notes Change Log Known Issues
2.51.00 Release Notes Change Log N/A
2.50.00 Release Notes Change Log N/A
2.40.01 Release Notes Change Log N/A
2.40.00 Release Notes Change Log N/A